About Us

Our Story

Brite Academy was started post the wildfire (September 2016) in Fort McMurray by highly qualified and passionate educators with over 20 years of experience in teaching students at various levels of school and University (picture of directors).  

The horse-river wildfire of 2016, apart from causing  physical damage to the community, also affected the academics of the students greatly. Teachers expressed their concern on the academic performances of the students and worried about the possibility of lower grades in the PATs and diploma exams. School boards also opined that it could take at least two to three years for the students to rebound from the collective hit to their academics.


Brite Academy was started by two physicists who have completed doctoral studies in subject areas Atomic, Molecular, Nuclear and Radiation Physics. We have over 20 years of teaching experience at  various levels of education – elementary, middle, high and post secondary that includes engineering & post graduation. We published several research articles in peer reviewed journals.  

We both believe that every child is empowered to learn, it is just that they learn differently. We as teachers should give them little more individual attention to understand their styles of learning. Fortunately, we mastered that skill of understanding students learning styles and respectfully teach them in their preferred styles of learning. 

One-size fits all lectures will not help all students

At Brite academy, we believe that all students are empowered to learn and achieve. It is just that some students have learning preferences. These preferences can make a big difference in how open a student is to learn a topic. This is especially true for students who struggle with their learning due to problems such as Central Auditory Processing Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, and Visual Motor Deficit. Due to these reasons, “one-size-fits all lectures” will not help all students. 

At Brite Academy, our instructors select learning modalities depending on the students’ learning preferences. Our methods provide new perspectives that enables the “click” in their minds.