Professional Courses

Professional Course: are designed to cater all quality assurance, quality control inspectors and engineers (Mechanical & Piping).


  • Continuous development. 
  • Professional certifications. 
  • Familiarization with standards & codes. 
  • Career transition. 

All our courses are delivered by an industry expert having more than 20 years of relevant experience in Oil & Gas Industry.

Currently, the following programs are available either online or in-person:

Live Webinar trainings for ASME, API, ABSA and CSA codes and standards with easily measurable feedback and milestones.  


Trainings will be delivered either on-site or off-site, in-person or virtually to suite individual or organizational needs. Discounted program costs are available for group sizes over five.  

Call us @ 780-972-1212 or email: to find out more information on this program.