Brite Academy was started by two physicists who have completed doctoral studies in subject areas of Medical Radiation Physics. They have over 20 years of teaching experience at  various levels of education – K-12 and university. They have published several research articles in peer-reviewed journals. 

The directors both believe that every child is empowered to learn, it is just that they learn differently. They emphasize the need to provide a little more individual attention to understand their styles of learning. At Brite Academy, the staff have mastered the skill of understanding the learning styles of students and teach them respectfully according to their preferences.

Phani Timmaraju M.Sc.,M.S., PhD

Dr.Phani is an educator for the past 20 years teaching STEM courses at various levels of education. She is a UGC certified lecturer and was teaching Physics and Math at university level in India. After she received her PhD in Nuclear Physics from Andhra University, she moved to Canada to advance her knowledge in Health and Radiation Sciences. She pursued research in the advanced high-level labs of McMaster University while also being the Sessional Instructor for Medical Radiation Sciences. She also completed a university level teaching course. She believes, the world is abetter place with educated people and aims at reducing the drop-out rates by helping children with their educational needs. With all the skills acquired, she became one of the brains behind the institution of Brite Academy. She directs the academic team by involving in the development of new and customized programs for children. She constantly interacts with students, parents, and teachers to bridge the gaps. She is an active community member and has received several recognitions for promoting literacy in the community. 

Koti Veeranki M.Sc.,M.Phil.,M.S.,(PhD)

Koti worked as a teacher, lecturer, and a subject matter expert in the field of education for the past 22 years. He started his career teaching math and science to the school children in the year 2000 and went on to teaching higher secondary, undergraduate, and graduate students. Teaching has always been his passion and he received several awards as a best teacher. After submitting his PhD thesis in Nuclear Physics at Andhra University in India, he moved to Canada to pursue a research program in Health and Radiation Physics at McMaster university. Although into research, his love towards teaching persisted. He was a teaching assistant at McMaster University. After the notorious wild fire in Fort McMurray, Dr.Phani and himself registered Brite Academy and started tutoring services for students of all levels. His teaching experience, interactions with parents and students helped him immensely in understanding the students’ struggles. A good understanding of the student behaviours and their challenges forms the foundation for Brite Academy programs. Koti supervises the program development and administrative activities. He is actively involved in the community events especially those working towards children’s education.