Our Program

Programs at Brite Academy were developed by our eminent directors applying all their experience in working with children at different grade levels and competencies. You will be rest assured that your children are in good hands. Along with a significant improvement in their grades, you will also observe well aligned study habits and learning methodologies which will make them independent learners. Brite Academy is the pathway to your success.


Vector® : Gives much needed attention that your child deserves in the learning process 

VECTOR® program offers holistic tutoring for students in grades 3-12 in all subject areas. The program provides all necessary academic support to the students in the form of practice worksheets, counselling, and test taking skills.  


This program is specifically designed to help students achieve better grades…


Catalyst® : Beyond tutoring program to build solid foundation 

CATALYST® program goes beyond tutoring to help your child advance their skills in reading, writing, and math. This is a 10 month program that will effectively impart the student’s grade level curriculum and readies them for their next grades. It is mainly aimed at homeschoolers, however regular school students who wish to enhance and upgrade their grade level skills may also opt this program.


Pyro® : Competitive exam / Contest – prep 

Pyro® program provides proper training and encourages students to take part in contests that take place at regional, national and international level in Math, Language arts and Science. 

Competitions play a great role in motivating students to perform, excel, and show case their skills. Its an opportunity for the students who would like to assess their abilities against other students at provincial, national, and international levels.  

Eureka® STEM 

Eureka® STEM: Transforms curiosity into creativity 

This program is designed to cater all children that are naturally curious, wonder, and amaze when exploring the world around them.  

The program is offered over weekends, school breaks, and summer break. 


This program will help children sustain their curiosity, develop strong foundation, advance their skills, and unleash their full creative potential…

Professional Courses


Continuous development. 

Professional certifications. 

Familiarization with standards & codes. 

Career transition. 

All our courses are delivered by an industry expert having more than 20 years of relevant experience in Oil & Gas Industry.